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Agents of shield season 4 episode 16 promo

As they come into contact with the vessel's inhabitants, it becomes abundantly clear that something has gone terribly awry.
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Hes the one who gave her the card, after all, and with full stony-faced condescension.Some probably come running even when theyre not needed.Skye is a liability.Special mention to this angry face.Sophy says: NOT jusretty face!Sophy says: I fear that is going to be the most sensible response to a lot of what happens on this show.Rin says: Arent we all thinking it?Its pretty fucking awesome that they could get him to come back for such a small scene, but tbh he probably already has his costume in his home wardrobe with the amount of times he has to show up at the end of all those.We would come running to Joss.
Pretend ITS AN exam, simmons!
Its confusing but I like.
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Rin says: condescending simmons IS MY favourite simmons!
Team work pays off sometimes, huh, bon de réduction magic world 2017 Grant?
By episode 5 she will probably rip your head off if you leave a less than complimentary comment about this lady.
Who will totally read it from now on just code promo zervant in case?).Best Reminder that Joss is LOL.And That was perfect!Its why I never saw the point in recapping Buffy or, say, Parks and Recreation.Seriously though how cute is it that shes so impressively clever and then in a time of crisis Skye is the one reading the safety pamphlet and Simmons is just rolling windows down anxiously.Rin says: WHY DO people need TO BE warned?In fact it makes everything better.Sophy says: How totally Joss was this?That would be a bit perfect.Sophy says: That angry face is my life now.

Colleagues were taken with him and placed onboard a space station.
There IS NO BAD here.
And to be honest I wouldnt be surprised if it was Amy Acker in a suit, with a scar, named after an alcoholic beverage.