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Tx travel tour promo 2017

Joe's got some mezcal and we drink that and as he puts it, "shoot the shit" and have a good time.
I go to the merch table and do that which gets done there by me after gigs.
I fucking blow by the second to the last turn we had to make and have to loop it hard, adding maybe fifteen minutes to the trip, we arrive at five and thank god alive.
Back to the reality on the dealio, many asshole drivers taking chances w/everyone's lives.At the merch table there much much good word and I'm most touched by the generous good will, truly.When we get to our home for the night and i take a hot shower and get in my sack.Radioman paul is here bon de reduction roue et roulette and offers to get me won ton soup, very kind.Really nice dude anyway, respect to him.He blasts it so loud that it blows up his system so when it's time for the gories to do their vid that always follows, he has to use his 'puter.It wasn't on purpose and we got the navigatorio gps so there's no real hell, we get to their pad a little after them.
We get into downtown austin around five and half and to the gig pad which is called barracuda now but it was "red 7" when I played here last - hey, I've played here twice before, that's right.
He gives you big time focus which for means respect and so right back, for you madux BIG respect.
He does good w/the soundcheck, I'm impressed, sounds good on stage.Little roads 'til we get to the interstate.Mike will never sell out and nobody works as hard as he does.Even w/all this stuff I consider it a happening gig and am real happy except a little bit sad when in my second speech some has to act smartass and tells me to play the bass.At the end of that year though I quit that plan, losing him hit me hard everywhere.Cover some cuz he tried to play it slower and it was kind of like the I-70 we took earlier today, pretty straight but lots of hills, up and down.From watt: pop at nine and have a bunch of fresh fruit chirs was so kind to have cut up for us for this morning's chow.Captured for you on the SST/Target video of the same name.

So we get everything shipshape - bob's given us an air mattress, most kind.
I think 14 a pack is what they cost here now these days.